United Stars Kindzmarauli 2018

Koncho & Co

VINTAGES 13961  |  750ml

Oldest Georgian Brand in Canada.
Kindzmarauli is the most famous among Georgia's top wines. This late-harvest semi dry is crafted from select indigenous Saperavi grapes, which translates to 'paint or dye' and refers to the deep colour of the wines it produces, grown in Kindzmarauli PDO Micro-Zone known from ancient time as the “royal vineyards”.
The wine's natural sugar is elegantly balanced with fresh acidity and velvety tannins. Serve at 16⁰C as a meditation wine, an aperitif or a great companion for roasted meats and salted cheese.


  • 'Best Value' for 2017 vintage Natalie MacLean'18
  • Silver for 2014 vintage Mundus vini
  • 87 points for 2014 vintage Sara d'Amato'17, Wine Align