Kremlin Award, Classic Vodka, Kosher

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eCommerce 904895  |  750ml

Made from alcohol of the "Lux" variety, obtained as a result of the distillation of fermented wort from the best wheat varieties. Another important component is artesian water, which has undergone 7 degrees of purification, including through a nano-filter. A small addition of oatmeal infused vodka appetizing bread aroma. After bottling, a strong drink is left for several months for "ripening", creating an interesting depth in taste.
The balanced, elegant, deliciously mild taste of vodka has an original composition of shades of herbs, rye bread, cereal and citrus notes. In the finish there are sharp notes of white pepper, salt and juniper. The soft, light aroma is devoid of the characteristic sharpness of vodka; it conveys notes of fresh baking, green apple, powdered sugar, pepper and a wet stone..
Vodka is used in its pure form. The drink perfectly complements the dishes of the national Russian cuisine.


  • GOLD World Spirits Awards, Austria
  • ULTRA PREMIUM Award MASTER in the Vodka Masters, London
  • SILVER IInternational Wine and Spirit Competition

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