2018 Refosco da Peduncolo Rosso DOC Lison Pramaggiore

Le Contrade Di Savian Arnaldo e William

eCommerce 777441  |  750ml

A wine with special sensorial features. A ruby red-purplish colour. A winy, intense typical bouquet that recalls raspberries and wild blackberries, with a full just tannic flavour. It refines with age, becomes well-orchestrated and develops a full and pleasant bouquet.
Certified Organic by ICEA, solar powered vineyard (zero carbon footprint) & no egg whites to clarify white wine (Vegan friendly). Queen's University Ontario made a case study on this vineyard on its sustainability. The study is available on request.
It should be uncorked 2-3 hours before serving and served at 18°C. A perfect combination with braised red meats, grilled meats, poultry and matured cheeses.