Badel Pelinkovac Gorki

Badel 1862 d.d.

Private Catalog 992312  |  1000ml

Croatian traditional herbal liqueur with cult status. Heritage from 1862, enjoyed in Royal courts of Vienna and Paris since Napoleon III.
Blend of Mediterranean herbs, known for their curative characteristics, accented with wormwood (Pelin in Croatian), are picked and selected by hand, macerated in wooden barrels, distilled in copper stills and blended in accordance with one of the oldest recipes in Badel 1862 archives. Natural and authentic, Badel Pelinkovac gorki will leave you breathless. Enjoy it straight as aperitif or digestive, or taste it as unique simple mix with tonic or cola.


  • Platinum SIP Awards'20
  • Bronze NY International Spirits Competition’21

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