Canadian headquartered UNITED STARS CORPORATION GROUP unites “STARS” in its diverse portfolio: exceptional, niche and rare alcoholic beverages from around the world along with a unique distribution network for these beverages.

United Stars, in addition to being an important distributor of wines and spirits from traditional old and new world regions, is a leading supplier and distributor of premium products from:

  • the CRADLE of the winemaking region (Georgia, Armenia, Romania, Greece, Croatia etc.)
  • the CRADLE of the vodka region

United Stars offers great opportunities for development of individual brands within our combined portfolio.

In Canada United Stars owns several licensed agencies, and we also partner with other agencies through our United Stars Corporation Group (“USCG”). The USCG network allows for efficient access to key markets for alcoholic beverages, such as:

  • Monopoly retailers: LCBO (Ontario), SAQ (Quebec), MLCC (Manitoba), and AGLC (Alberta)
  • HORECA clients
  • Grocery supermarkets (Ontario)
  • Ecommerce-Private (Ontario), Products of the World Stores (Ontario)
  • Sacramental Institutions

In other regions United Stars is expanding to markets outside Canada with its primary focus being the CIS, USA and China. Specifically, in the CIS United Stars is planning to introduce old and new world wines and spirits that have withstood the tough test of being successfully promoted and sold in the exceptionally demanding marketplace for wines and spirits in Canada.

The United Stars logo or USCG abbreviation on the bottle guarantees exceptional quality and authenticity of the product. United Stars’ portfolio markets only those products that have passed the demanding tests of our experts and of the independent and government laboratories such as the LCBO’s own laboratory.